The importance of getting backlinks cannot be overstated. To have a website with stunning SEO, it’s imperative to get backlinks for your website. 

Getting backlinks and distributing your links across the web is a fascinating way to attract lots of visits to your blog or website and doing this consistently has enormous rewards. 

To get free backlinks isn’t tedious and can be done by anyone. Here are 50 creative ways to get free backlinks. 

Bonus: How to Make Money From your Blog – Complete Guide.

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1 Ways to Get Free Backlinks

Ways to Get Free Backlinks

Seek Interview

Decide which type of interview you will be willing to participate in (solo interview, group interview, or group roundup interview), then reach out to other bloggers for an interview. The interview must have a link to your website. Write a post and link readers to the interview on the blogger’s website.

Interview expert bloggers

Ask to interview experts in your niche. Though many experts may be occupied, however few would oblige your request and may express willingness to help you advance your knowledge. After writing about the interview, request that they share the post through the internet.

Use digital signature

Add your site link to your profile pages on your social media accounts and email. The number of accounts you have equals the backlines you create.

Draw Attention of Webmasters to broken links

Make it a duty to draw the attention of webmasters to broken links on their websites. Check My Links Google Chrome plugin can help do this. Contact the webmaster about their broken links, suggesting functional ones including yours.

Use discussion forums

Quora and LinkedIn are popular forums you can use to your creative advantage. Give an intelligent reply to questions and add a link to your web address to the reply. It won’t count as spam if you don’t do it indiscriminately. This is another effective way to get free backlink. 

Drop Questions

Ask questions on answer websites that relate to your blogging niche. Quora is an awesome place to post Add a link to your website for recommendations. People love to have their opinion counted.

Create internal links

Create internal links by putting links of related topics. Additionally, creating links to posts that are relevant to a current blogpost creates internal links for your website. This does not require much expertise to execute.


DMOZ is a recommended resource to be enlisted on. DMOZ is the reference of many directories that exist on the internet. Get your website listed on DMOZ and you can enjoy many referrals.

Use Infographics

When blog posts have infographics, people understand the blog posts better and share them. You can have your infographics on platforms like Google+ and Pinterest while also making sure that your blogpost has active social media buttons for sharing your infographics.

 Tap into the power of comparison blog posts

You can write comparison posts on different products, as they relate to your niche, and win over the lovers of both products. You can also write guides on the weakness and strengths of two products, side by side, guiding users on which is best to acquire. 

Some popular comparison posts that compare products have links to the manufacturers’ pages on the products. This is an excellent means of getting traffic to your website.

Give out freebies

Free and explanatory tutorials will encourage users to like and share them across different social networks on the internet. The same goes for other internet resources that you can give out for free. They will also link back to your website. 

Give Testimonials

There must be services or products that have impressed you in the past that you will love for your friends or community members to enjoy as well. Contact the manufacturers of these products and tell them about your intention to give testimonials on their products. You will have your website link included in your testimonial.

Compete in Writing Contests

There are popular writing contests that you can participate in. These include blogging and other contests such as essay writing. All you need do is aim very high, get an impressive score, and have the website write a smashing review about your achievement, make sure the review also reflects your website link.

Follow up with Internet mentions of your website

You can find a reliable resource in Google Alerts to get updated on mentions that you get on the internet. Follow up with the websites that have your mentions to check if they have links to your website and if the links are functional. Be quick to contact the webmasters if there are any improper or broken links.

Do a blogger in your niche  a favour

There are many ways to say thank you. But in the blogging community, a peculiar way is getting mentioned. You can link to your website on bloggers’ websites in exchange for a logo you designed, or other free services you offered. Think of something you can gift a blogger and contact someone today to start.

Give people access to share your images

Be willing to allow people to use and share your images freely. Add your website link to the description of your picture. This will encourage people to visit it for what it offers if your picture makes a good impression.

Subscribe to HARO

Help A Reporter Out, HARO is a platform that connects journalists with newsmakers and sources. Upon registering, HARO provides you daily updates on writers who need quotes from experts in different industries. Identify areas you are an authority in and provide expert opinions. The writer gets a quotation, and you also get free backlinks.

Partner with like-minded Bloggers

Wouldn’t it be nice to have bloggers and famous internet nerds link the products or services that you offer on your website while you mention theirs? You can achieve this by forming a partnership with bloggers who see the prospects in the information, services, and products you have on your website and vice versa. This will give you many backlinks but it takes time.

Request that Readers Link your website

Make it a duty to end your blog post with a clear call for action, stating that readers should share your post if they find it useful. There are two sides to making this work. First, is the quality of content that you have uploaded. Next, in the manner, you have made your request. Be playfully creative but polite.

Organize Contests

You can easily acquire numerous backlinks if you organize contests. You could create a couple of blog posts on your website to instruct participants on how to enter a contest, creating interlinks for your website. Also, you can contact bloggers to sponsor your contest and write reviews about your contest.

 Share your blog posts on document sharing platforms

Convert your blog posts to pdf and word documents using document sharing platforms to share them. and SlideShare are particularly good and popular for sharing documents. Remember to add a backlink to your profile on these platforms.

Request Credit for Your Images

After giving up your images for free, request that users give you credit in return. This results in multiple backlinks to your websites. There is a possibility of having the pictures used across different platforms with a massive audience.

Get Help from Leading bloggers

Another way to get free backlinks is to contact leading bloggers in your niche to help create awareness for your blog. Link up with them through a well-written article on who you are and what the aim of your website is. Ask them to look up your website and share them on social media networks.

Networker with Bloggers in your Niche

Participate in conferences and attend workshops, seminars, and conventions to establish a connection with other bloggers in your niche. Follow up on the connections that you have created by keeping in touch with them both offline and online. The assumption is that you can accumulate backlinks according to the number of blogger friends that you have.

Maximize Social Media Networks

Create as many accounts with all the popular social networking sites and create an amazing profile on each profile. Indicate was you do as succinctly as possible and add a little bit of creativity into your write-up. The number of social media accounts you have and maintain an impact significantly on your backlinks.

Create Awareness on Social Media Network Groups

Using groups in platforms like Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn to create awareness for your website is very effective. This is better than having your post shared through the pages you created on your website or personal social media accounts. 

The groups on the social media networks are already breeding grounds for like-minded persons to share ideas and pursue their interests. Tap into the groups that have your target audience and share links to quality posts. Take advantage of this opportunity.

Write and Share Press Releases

Press releases contain activities concerning an organization or an activity that they’d like to communicate to their audience. 

Unlike promotions, press releases contain factual and unbiased information, making such contains deemed credible and tangible in the estimation of Google. Write press releases and post them on the press release site for a backlink.

Write and Publish Product Reviews

Through product reviews, you can link companies whose products you have reviewed on your blogpost. The companies may decide to give you a backline for free for favorably reviewing their products. When doing this, be factual with your review and remember that credibility is a hallmark of blogging.

Write and Publish Organisation Reviews

Through a credible review based on objectivity, experience, and popular measuring tool, creating reviews of companies is effective for earning backlinks. Every organization loves good PR that puts their company in a good light. If good enough, the organization may direct its audience to your blog posts. Aim for the leading organizations in your niche for quality backlinks.

Create Link to Other Websites

If you love inspirational quotes or are a follower of trends and happenings across the world, incorporate this into the website. Include information such as quotes of the day, blog posts of the week, or the world’s trending events. Link relevant websites and they too would give you backlinks for courtesy.

Be-friend Wikipedia

Don’t just read up on articles on Wikipedia, take your relationship further by becoming an editor. Understand the practices acceptable to working with Wikipedia and start editing articles for the popular online resources. One of the benefits of such practice is being able to cite your website in articles.

Become a Beta-Tester

Participate in beta-testing, provide your experience to the producer of a product or service after testing it. Your insights will be well received and could give you a backlink.

Do a Survey

The accurate and relevant information has immense demand. Carry out a survey and reader behavior on different aspects of your niche and publish it on your blog posts. Bloggers in your niche will most likely ask for your permission to use the survey if it is important enough.

Publish Viral Contents

To get backlinks that can improve your website SERP, focus on your blog posts. Aim to write and publish articles that will be popular on the internet and become widely circulated but relevant to your niche. Jon Morrow’s post is an example of this kind of article with over 70,000 shares and counting.

Create an eBook Self-Help

If you have nuggets of information on an interesting aspect of your niche that could be packaged into an eBook, they can be helpful to your website. Those in your social circle on the internet could share the link to your material, the awareness starts growing from there.

Summarize activities of leading websites in your niche

Do a summary of activities on a leading website in your niche. Write about the takeaways from their posts in a week or the overview of activities that took place on the website. Share the link to the websites and they would most likely re-share it on social media – even if you didn’t tell them to.

Use RSS Feeds

You can send your RSS feeds to Feedburner, they are well recognized and can give you enough traffic to your website. You can combine other feed assembling websites too for the heightened result. This especially works with websites that offer products.

Use SlideShare 

Convert your blog posts to slides and upload them on SlideShare. Make sure the document credits your website, encouraging people to visit it for more information or similar posts. It can become popular and give you a free quality backlink.

Use Pinterest

Pinterest is a remarkable platform that can help get you backlinks. The profile of your website is the following link to your page. The more people you follow and the more people that follow you.

Use Reddit

Search engines, like Google, recognize the links in Reddit. You can mention your website on a post and garner a lot of upvotes if your comments are good. Remember to only link your website when it relates to your comment.

Use Podcast

You can create an audio program and upload it on iTunes. Make sure that such a program discusses something worthwhile that your audience can benefit from. It is a sure way to get you a backline.

Enlist your Product on eCommerce Websites

You can enlist your products with Amazon, eBay, and other popular e-commerce websites. These sites have massive traffic as millions of users use them daily, linking your products on sites with massive membership is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss.

Enlist your blog with regional business directories

Another way to get backlinks is through enlisting with regional business directories within your niche. Although limited, the visitors that will visit your blogs will most definitely be those who need the products, services, or information that you have to offer. 

Create News Segment on Your Blog

You can record a large number of backlinks from creating up-to-date news segments on issues that concern your niche. Other bloggers will pick stories from your website and reference your blog. Readers too can share your stories across different platforms.

Speak at Seminars, Events

A trick to get free backlinks is to deliver a note at conventions and seminars. Do enough research on your topic, for you to be able to convince your audience that you are worth your salt in your chosen blogging niche. 

Many of your audience will certainly visit your website and give you backlinks after listening to your speech.

Guest Blogging

You can include your site links in your article and bio on the host’s website. Don’t go overboard by adding too many links in a single post. This gives you and your website the necessary exposure in your chosen niche.

Join Blogging Communities

Joining blogging communities gives access to upload blog posts that can be read and shared by members. ShoutMeLoud, BlogEngage, and GrowthHackers are a few examples you can explore. An added advantage of joining blogging communities is that you get to meet experts in your niche, and can connect with peers for crucial tips.

Comment on blogs

Commenting on blogs on different websites/blogs and including your link is another intelligent way to gain a reputation online and a way to get free backlinks.

However, making comments that relate to the link that you have shared as Google will discount links that have no relationship with the comment is crucial. Also, you do not want to come off as trying too hard.

Exchange Article Links

You can also get free backlinks by writing articles from your unique perspective on a published blog post. 

Contact the webmaster and exchange likes. You can then gain the admin’s link to the published content along with your blogpost while they publish yours next to theirs.

‘Know thy Enemy’

Learn from Sun Tzu’s Art of War, spend time uncovering the secrets of your ‘enemies’.  Use Majestic SEO or Open Site Explorer to know the source of backlinks of sites. With better content, you can quickly outmatch your rivals on SERP.

Bonus: Use The Skyscraper Technique

You’ve probably seen content that covers almost all the essential parts of a particular subject.

They are usually longer, better, and well detailed on what the writer is talking about.

Yeah! These are skyscraper content.

If you can carefully research your planned topic, gather enough information (both old and new), and spice your content to taste with all the possible questions your readers could have in mind, Yala! you’ve just created skyscraper content.

Now you ask “What’s the benefit of creating such voluminous content?”

It’s like asking “What’s the benefit of having the best product in the market?”

It’s simple. You’d attract more potential blogs and websites who’d appreciate your well-detailed content and would want to link back to you. Have you seen Brian’s Skyscraper content on Google’s 200 Ranking Factors: The Complete List?

Remember, these potential blogs are the Big Dogs! A do-follow link from one of them is better than 30 irrelevant do-follow links.

Key Take-Away: Remember, Skyscraper content isn’t just better but the best, and most detailed to satisfy readers to the brim. Create the most original content to attract the Big Dogs and satisfy your readers.


Building backlinks takes time and effort. Pay attention to the quality of content on your website and the image of your website in your niche. 

Don’t make these tips a one-time event, carry out these steps continuously and you’ll achieve significant results in due time.

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