Have you been thinking about what small business you can venture into to make money?

Choosing the best business idea could be quite frustrating, especially when you have limited options. You begin to wonder which one is best for you.

Starting a small business is easy. It only becomes difficult when you can’t come up with enough options or ideas.

Don’t ponder anymore. I’ve compiled a list of twenty small business ideas to make money, both online and offline.

So sit back, carefully go through it, and enjoy!

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20 Best Business Ideas to Make Money – (Online and Offline)

Become an Affiliate Marketer – Online

Affiliate marketing has been efficient at sustaining many people. You simply earn by promoting and selling other people’s products, which you won’t be keeping.

A particular incentive is given on every product sold. You can promote the products on your blog or social media (YouTube).

You’ll need a Keyword research tool to find out what product people are searching for.

Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to earn a passive income.

Agro-Business – Offline

Many people tend to underrate agriculture. Unfortunately, they’re only ignoring a significant source of income.

Agriculture is a business that will never go extinct, except we (humans) find a way to stop feeding, which is impossible.

Every single person alive on planet earth will try to feed every day. In fact, according to research and statistics, the demand for food is increasing every day.

Why don’t you add your name to the list of those keeping the world from starving?

Lucky for you, agriculture is vast. This means you can choose which part of agriculture you’d love to venture into; Animal farming or crop production.

Create and Sell Ebooks – Online

What are you good at? What rare knowledge do you have? Is there something you can do or teach people to help increase their standard of living?

Believe me. People will pay for that vital Infos sitting in your skull. Create ebooks on these and put them up for sale.

There are several stores online where you can sell your ebooks. A good example is Amazon. You can also sell on your blog or offer an incentive to a trusted blogger to sell them.

Catering and Baking – Offline

Everyone loves tasty and delicious meals. And many people will pay you to make one for them. It’s an excellent business idea to make money, especially if you want to make extra income with your typical day-to-day job.

Maybe you’ve got a secret recipe. Don’t be the only one to enjoy it. You can set up a little space for the business or stick to home deliveries.

The same goes for baking. Make tasty snacks, find out better ways to improve the taste, and let people pay you for your professionalism.

Build a Membership Site – Online

If you own a blog, selling subscriptions with access to premium content and community features is an excellent way to make extra bucks.

You don’t have to rely on Ad networks before you can monetize your blog. You can give members access to premium features and tools, and in return, they’ll pay you membership fees.

The payment could be monthly or weekly. It depends on what you’re offering. Just make sure the resources, tools, or features are valuable enough to interest users to pay.

Hairdressing – Offline

Hairdressing is a skill you can acquire easily. You can search the web for sites that offer tutorials on how to style hair, hair care, hair growth treatment.

You only need to get a few items to start with. If it’s a home business, you may have to promote yourself by telling people of your service to make them look fascinating.

With this, you can attract more customers and kick off your business big.

Start a Drop Shipping Business – Online

Maybe you want something a little bigger. Then this is for you. You can start up an online store to sell other people’s products for a commission. It’s less stressful, as you won’t have to keep the products or worry about distribution (shipping).

What makes this business idea more interesting is that you don’t have to break a bank to start it up. You can begin with a little fund.

Although you’ll try hard to promote and sell other people’s goods, still, it’s an excellent way to sell your products too. You are thereby maximizing your income.

Gardening Services – Offline

Many people are often busy or lazy to take care of their gardens. It could be due to reasonable reasons such as; work, kids, business, etc. You can offer them gardening services, save them the work, and get paid for it.

Although this is a small business idea to make money, yet, there is a high demand for it. So why don’t you take advantage of it to earn yourself extra bucks?

Website Design and Graphics Design – Online

Website design and graphic design are vast industries with opportunities flying around. You can make money by creating fascinating business logos, images, sales pages, website designs, etc.

You have to learn how to use pro design tools, such as Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and many more, for graphics design. You can also take online tutorials or watch youtube videos to develop your skill better. Remember always to keep your works safe in a portfolio. You may have to showcase some of your works later.

The website design is quite different. Although many tools now make it easier to create websites and pages without any knowledge of HTML or PHP. Still, it’s advisable to learn the basics, in case you need to fix simple errors.

As a website designer, you can help people create pages or blogs for their business, and even manage it for them. All these services aren’t free. You get paid for it.

Furniture Making – Offline

Are you skillful at woodworking? Oh! Maybe you’ve got little or no idea of woodworking. As long as you put your mind to it and stay committed, you can learn quite fast.

Furniture-making could seem small, but it’s a lucrative business idea to make money. All you need is a saw, hammer, drill, sander, and a few other tools to get started.

Don’t only build new furniture, help people fix the broken ones, and get paid for it. Woodworking could be just a hobby for you. You can make money from it if you’ve got enough creativity, passion, and determination.

Website Flipping – Online

Website flipping entails buying a website, developing it, and then selling it for profit. It’s trending and lucrative business ideas.

Finding a website to buy isn’t difficult. There might be friends who want to sell their website, or you can visit Shopify to buy. You’ll find websites you can buy and build through content, SEO, etc.

Once the websites are very up and running with enough traffic than before, you can put them up for sale again.

Home Daycare – Offline

Do you love kids? Are you good at caring for kids? All right then. You can start an in-home daycare as long as it’s allowed in your state. Just make sure you get the license too.

Taking care of other people’s kids is a good small business to make money. Although no so many people buy this idea, this even makes it a less competitive business and hassle-free.

All you need is a bunch of toys and a safe place with many activities for kids to play with.

Content Writing – Online

Many companies are paying handsomely for quality content to promote their products, business, blogs, pages, etc. If you’re an excellent writer, why don’t you get paid for your skill?

Oh! Maybe you want to learn how to be an excellent writer or polish up your writing skill. I’ve got the best option for you. You can become a member of this fascinating community of intellectuals; Writer’s Kitchen.

Writers kitchen It is a community of aspiring and professional writers. And it’s the best place to meet more experts and friendly writers.

Contact the CEO here: Godwin@ideaflavour.com

Also, you can join content writing groups on Facebook to promote yourself and showcase your skill. You can also add some exciting features by offering SEO keywords and beautiful images as part of your service.

Laundry Business – Offline

Many people are always busy or lazy to do their laundry. This is an opportunity to earn extra income. Start up your laundry business, reach out to people and tell them about the service you offer, and start making money.

The laundry business tends to grow fast. So, you might need to employ extra hands, and soon you’ll only have to oversee the business and nothing more. In short, you’ll become the boss!

Become a YouTuber – Online

Becoming a YouTuber gives you three exciting advantages. You get to have fun by making videos of what interests you; it could be fashion, music, food, gaming, etc. It’s also a way to become famous; many people became famous through YouTube. And lastly, you get to make money by doing what you love.

Soap making and Spa Products – Offline

Producing soap and spa products is easy, and you can earn from it. In case you don’t know how-to, you can learn by watching videos or paying a small fee to learn. It isn’t as difficult as most people think, and you can learn easily. You just have to be patient and put your mind to it.

Once you know how-to, it’s a forever valuable skill for you. You don’t have to make them only for sale. Making it for home use also will save you some expenses.

Become a Video Editor – Online

Making videos and editing them could be just a hobby for you. However, it’s an excellent way to make money, even if you’re not interested in starting a youtube channel.

Companies and individuals worldwide are always looking for a highly-skilled video editor who can fine-tune their videos to taste. You can begin with a few customers, and soon you’ll have some regular ones.

Freelancing websites are good options, to begin with, or you can simply promote yourself through your social media accounts. You’ll be able to draw in potential customers with this.

Also, try to keep a portfolio of your works. You may need to showcase some of them or give them to clients as samples.

In case you’ve got little or no idea of how to edit videos, you can learn by watching videos or sign up for short payment courses online. Either way, you get to learn and improve your skill. Sooner or later, with enough determination and dedication, you grow your business quickly and start building your team of professional video editors.

Tutoring – Online and Offline

What can you teach well? Is it Maths, Biology, Physics, English, or Accounting? It can be any subject or language. All you need is at least a degree in your choice of subject, and a platform where you can teach others and get paid for it.

Millions of people around the world are looking for tutors on different subjects and topics. This can be your chance to get paid for your knowledge. For efficiency and quick development, make sure only to teach a course or subject you’ve got in-depth knowledge of.

Your choice of the platform could be online or offline. It’s up to you. You can use Skype, set up an account on YouTube, or rent a little space to start your tutoring business.

You can also find online tutoring clients on sites like Skooli.com and Tutor.com.

Become a Fashion Designer – Offline

People will never stop wearing clothes or stop trying to look beautiful. You can help them with this and get paid for it. Fashion designing is a pretty lucrative business as the demand for adorable clothing and designs increases.

It could take quite some time to acquire the skill, but believe me. It’s lucrative. Fashion designing isn’t a one-room mansion. You get to choose what you want to be best at. You can check out professional fashion designers in your neighborhood and negotiate a small fee to learn.

Don’t rely only on one source of knowledge. Follow fashion blogs that provide updates on the trending and latest designs. The better your skills are, the better the chance you get at skyrocketing real soon.

Start Blogging – Online

At first, I didn’t want to add blogging to the list. Why? It because blogging isn’t small.

Although, you need a lot of time and commitment to kick off your blogging career. Yet, when done right, it could turn out to become a gushing source of income for you.

Bottom line

I hope you find one which best suits you from the list above. Remember, always be committed and patient. Success hardly comes by luck.

We’d also love to take suggestions and questions from you.

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