Have you been wondering how much bloggers earn? Here is an authentic detail.

It sounds funny when I hear people talk about how bloggers earn every time someone visits their site. Some will even tell you that bloggers get paid for their data usage. What?

Fine! It’s because they’ve got no idea about how much bloggers earn and how they earn. Maybe you’ve been told that bloggers make a lot or little.

Whichever one it is, you’re right. Still, I have created this article to give you an authenticated and sufficient detail of how much bloggers earn.

I’ll like to point out that blogging has evolved over the years. A lot of people create blogs every day, and it’s no secret that this has made blogging harder.

How quick and how much a blogger will earn in 2005 isn’t the same as now. Also, how much bloggers make depend on their niche, traffic, and monetization strategies.

However, some bloggers are still fortunate to earn $100 to $2000 in their first month. I would love to use myself as a case study. But mine is nothing, compared to other foreign bloggers. I know of some who earn like $3000 to seven figures per month. How fascinating!
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Now to the the deal.

Here’s How Much Bloggers Earn

Bloggers who own their blog make money through advertising, sponsored posts, online courses, affiliate marketing, membership, and other monetization methods. Our discussion will be about this type of blogger.

Blogging.org surveyed one thousand bloggers, and this was the result:

  • 81% don’t earn up to $100 from blogging
  • 9% attested that blogging 4-6 hours a day is enough to sustain their lifestyle
  • 8% earn enough to support even a family
  • 2% made $150K+ blogging one to two hours a day

Also, according to Daren Rowse survey on 1,500 Problogger readers; 63% of readers make $0.01 to $99 every 30 days, 37% of readers earn more than $100 per month, 13% make around at $100,000 every year, 10% of readers make nothing, and 4% gain over a million dollars.

Can I also Earn From a Blog?

Sure, you can! Even as competitive as blogging seems now, you can make a sustainable income from a blog. Some new bloggers just started and are already earning. You can do it too. 

All it takes is patience, determination, commitment, hard work, and the right guide. With these, you can also start a blog and earn from it.

Although there are a lot of pro bloggers out there, still, don’t be intimidated by all of that. If you have a passion for blogging, then stop wasting time and get on with it. 

Also, If you’re a writer and you don’t have a blog yet. You need one. You can’t keep writing for others and not having your platform. It would be best if you created an online presence for yourself.

Why Should I Own a Blog?

Is blogging fun? Having a means of reaching out to millions of people to communicate your ideas is more fun. What makes it even more fascinating is being able to make money with it.

I always say that no information or knowledge is wasted. People all over the world are searching for different info every second. Believe me, that little idea in your brilliant skull could help someone.

Oh! Maybe you’ve got a passion for something – it could be music, fashion, or anything. You can blog about your hobby too. A lot of prominent and successful bloggers started blogging as a hobby. You can do it also.

So stop asking questions about how much bloggers earn and stop procrastinating. Start your blog and start earning. You could become the next big thing in your niche. Who knows?

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