Working in Canada as a chef is a profitable job, especially when you get to work in places where chefs earn more in Canada. Now you ask, “where do restaurant chefs earn more in Canada?” “How much does a chef make in Canada?”. 

Relax, this article is super packed with details on how much chefs earn in Canada, including the factors that determine how much they earn.

So, before we dive into the details, you need to know that a chef’s salary or hourly pay is determined by some factors, and the first one is the location of where they’re working.

Want want to work in Canada as a chef? Then keep in mind that chefs earn more in some places than others.

Other factors that determine a chef’s salary are education, years of experience, and position. It’s a normal rule, the higher your position and responsibility, the more you’ll earn per month.

So, enough of the overview let’s get into details.


How much do chefs earn in Canada?

How much does a chef make in canada

Working as a chef in Canada can earn you an average salary of $72,000 per year. The salary range is usually between $35,000 minimum and 113,000 maximum.

The average hourly pay rate of a chef in Canada is about $20. So, the more hours you can work, the more money you will make.

You should also know that the average salary includes other benefits like transport allowance, housing allowance among others.

Now check out this list of places where chefs get paid the most.

Highest paying cities for Chefs in Canada

CityHourly pay


How does experience affect a chef’s salary in Canada?

Your experience level as a chef is a major factor that’ll determine your income. 

For instance, chefs with an experience level that is less than 2 years often make around $42,000 per year. They earn lesser, compared to those with 2 – 5 years of experience, and make about $54,000 per year: approximately 29% higher.

Chefs with 5 – 10 years experience can make about $74,000, which is approximately 38% higher than chefs with 2 – 5 years experience. 

Still, those with a higher experience level of 10-15 years earn 24% more than those with 5-10 years experience. Their average salary is about $92,000/year.

A level of experience between 15-20 years can earn you an average salary of $99,000/year; which is 7% higher than that of a chef with 10-15 years experience.

Chefs with 20+ years of experience and more tend to earn higher. Their average salary is about $106,000, which is approximately higher than those with 15-20 years of experience.

The more experience you have as a chef the more money you can earn working in Canada. 

This is to say, chefs with a much higher level of experience will make more than others with fewer years of experience.

Experience levelAverage salary
0 – 2 years$42,000
2 – 5 years$54,000
5 – 10 years$74,000
10 – 15 years$92,000
15 – 20 years$99,000
20+ years$106,000

How does education affect a chef’s salary in Canada?

It’s a natural rule. The higher the educational level you attain, the more money you can earn. Someone with a diploma will earn more than someone with a high school level of education.

The theory also applies to those working as chiefs in Canada. With a high school education, a chef can make about $60,000, while a diploma or certificate can earn you around $98,000/year. 

For better understanding, here’s a simple table:

Level of educationAverage salary
High school$60,000

How much does a head chef make in Canada?

A head chef makes about $90,000 in Canada. This clearly shows how positions can affect the average salary of a chef. Evaluating this, a head chef makes around $45per hour.

For clearer insight on the roles of head chef, a head chef is in charge of managing the workers in the kitchen. Some other duties include managing supplies and creating menus. 

Executive chefs unlike head chefs are often found in big restaurants or kitchens. Their managerial role includes revising menus, delegating tasks, and supervising the quality of food the restaurant or kitchen produces. These five-star chefs also share helpful tips and experiences with workers below them.


Is chef a good career in Canada?

Being a chef in Canada is an excellent career, considering the shortage of chefs in the country. This means you can earn a reasonable income working in Canada as a chef.

Nevertheless, you should upgrade your educational level to earn more, considering how much time it’ll take to gain enough experience to earn more.

Do chefs get paid well in Canada?

Chefs in Canada are making a reasonable income, with an average salary of $72,000/year. 

Still, you can increase those numbers (your income) by attaining a higher educational level; a diploma preferably. Your income also grows as your level of experience increases.

How many Hours do chefs work in Canada?

Chefs in Canada work for different hours, which means it varies. A part-time chef can work for 5 – 6 hours every week, while full-time chefs may work for 50 hours per week. 

This isn’t a static evaluation, as the number of hours they work depends on shifts and the worker’s work time preference.


Now that you’ve seen how much chefs make in Canada, you know this career path can earn you a profitable income. In all, a better level of education will give you a better chance at earning more. Gaining experience will take some time, but as time goes on, your income will grow as well.