In this guide, we’ll show you how to get a Canada business visa from India, the requirements, and the processing time (how long it’ll take).

Whether you want to visit Canada for business or fun, Canada is an awesome place to be. The country’s booming economy is attracting potential enterprises and visitors who want to grow their business, invest, and build excellent business relationships with Canadian businesses.

Canada keeps offering massive opportunities for businesses, startups, healthcare and tech companies, and valuable financial industries. 

Since the opportunities keep growing every year, the only way you can enjoy this opportunity is by pushing your business to an international market by getting a Canada business visa.

Before we start talking about how to apply, you need to understand what a Canadian business visa is.


What is a Canadian business visa?

how to get a Canada business visa from India

A Canadian business visa is simply a validation that permits you to travel to Canada for business-related purposes with a business in Canada. 

These business purposes could include signing agreements, attending workshops or conferences, attending a meeting, etc.

To ease your trip to Canada for business purposes, the government of Canada established the business person and business delegation visa.

However, it’s only valid for a specific period, usually about six months or less. Which means, it’s a temporary visa. You’ll be staying in Canada for some time (to carry out your business activities). 

Also, you’re not permitted to work in Canada with a Business Visa. So, if working in Canada is your initial intention, then you need to apply for Canada’s temporary worker’s visa.

Another con of the business person visa is that you won’t be benefitting from Canadian health coverage. Still, with your Canada business visa, you can conduct your business transactions with ease.

So that you won’t be overstaying your visa, you’re not allowed to sign a deal that’ll extend beyond your stay. Moreover, the Canadian immigration officers are responsible for deciding how long you’d be staying in Canada.

Getting a Canadian business visa from India is hassle-free with this guide, but before that, you should know all the requirements you’ll need to apply for the visa.

Canada business visa requirements

The requirements for a Canada business visa are things you have, but before we outline them, there are some basic things you need to validate before applying for a business visa from India. You’ll need proof that:

  • you’re planning to stay for only six months (half a year) or less
  • you won’t be working in Canada or joining the labor market with the business visa
  • your business is outside Canada, as well as your profit and income
  • your travel document (like a passport) is valid
  • you have a sustainable income to sort your stay in Canada and you’re trip back home
  • you will leave Canada before the expiration of your visa
  • you’re not a threat to Canadians wellness, and you have no criminal record

If you can meet these outlined criteria, you’re eligible to apply for a Canada business visa for India.

Here’s a list of the activities you can conduct with a Canada business visa; You can:

  • buy goods or services in Canada to foreign states or business
  • take orders for products and services
  • attend meetings, conferences, conventions, or engage in other legal trading affairs
  • give product or service warranty as an after-sale agreement
  • be trained in Canada by the Canadian company you’re working for, or one that you bought services and equipment from
  • train other employees a company branch in Canada

Canada business visa: documents required

  • Passport: You’ll be submitting a passport with at least two blank pages minimum for the stamp. The passport must be original, and valid for six months more than your stay plan. Make sure the passport is not ripped or damaged in any way.
  • Old passport (optional): This document is optional. If you have an old passport, then you have to submit it with the new one. The old password must also be in good shape
  • Photo: You’ll also have to submit your photographs. Make sure it’s clear and recent. 
  • Air ticket
  • Travel insurance
  • Cover letter from company
  • Bank statement
  • Income tax return
  • Invitation letter from the company in Canada

Canada business visa processing time

The processing time for a Canadian business visitor’s visa is usually between 1 to 6 weeks; usually longer than a Canadian tourists visa. Nevertheless, it depends on the Canadian embassy where you’re applying for the visa.

Since it isn’t a permanent visa, the business visa will only be valid for some time which is usually about 6 months. 

The Canadian embassy can also offer you a longer stay up to 5 years or more. Still, you mustn’t overstay your visa duration to avoid problems.

How to apply for a Canada business visa from India

There are two ways to apply for a Canada visa from India and it’s either you apply online or offline. When applying offline, you’ll need to submit your documents to a Visa application center around you.

Also, anyone who is not a Canadian is to apply in his/her country. This means you’ll have to find a visa application center in Canada to do this offline.


How can I get a business visa for Canada?

To get a Canadian business visa, you’ll need to provide some essential requirements to the visa application center before submitting your application. 

This is to ensure that you’re eligible for the Canada business visa. You can also apply for the visa either online or offline.

Can an Indian citizen do business in Canada?

Yes, Indians can do business in Canada. However, you can only do business in Canada as an Indian if you meet the requirements. You’ll have to provide an address in Canada to validate your residency requirement among others.

How Long is the Canada Business Visa Valid?

The Canada business for about 6 months. This means you get to conduct your intended legal business activities in Canada with a validity period.

We recommend you don’t overstay your visa, even if it’s lesser than six months. This will help you avoid unnecessary problems. The embassy may even grant you a longer duration, depending on the business reason you give.

Conclusion on how to get a Canada business visa from India

Businesses in Canada are booming, and there’s space for your business to succeed as well. However, make sure all the documents you’ll be submitting are valid to avoid rejection.

So, be sure to go through each document. Make sure they are not ripped or torn. If you can fulfill all these requirements, and you have a valid business reason to visit Canada, be optimistic you’ll be granted the visa.