If you ‘Google Search’ just the word ‘money, you’d get hundreds of search results, if not more.

Since I was sixteen, I’ve read articles from different websites and blogs just on “how to make money from home”. Unfortunately, none seemed satisfying enough. MMaybe you did too.

Some require special skills, while some seemed useless to me at the end.

One established truth about earning online or offline is that there is always a skill required (either unique or straightforward).

Therefore to maximize your earnings, you need to have a skill. It could be a skill as simple as knowing how to make hair or typing reasonably fast.

I’m glad to tell you that acquiring a skill isn’t so difficult. You don’t have to wait till you have 1000 dollars before you can learn a skill, you can simply learn here on our platform for free.

However, this is no promise, but if you can read this article through (without skipping any part), you’d be surprised how much potential you don’t know you’ve got to make money from home.

Maybe you have a source of income or not, or you’re just a student who wants to make money from home. If you fall into any of these listed categories, then congratulations because this article is for you.

Since you’ve been reading “how to make money”, did you ever ask yourself if the writer of the article has experimented on it.

Is the writer himself/herself earning from home? Or did he/she just publish another article to get visitors to the website? This is a big question, don’t you think?

I’m glad to tell you as at the time this article was published I was a student (maybe I still am). And as an additional fact, I make money from home.

When I say “make money from home,” I’ve been able to maximize these sources of income four times.

Here is the point, “someone who has never held a gun shouldn’t tell you how to pull a trigger.”

Let’s make something clear, making money isn’t ‘bread and butter’. Therefore if you’re hoping for some kind of ‘trick and magic on how to make money I sincerely suggest you search elsewhere because this article isn’t for you.

However, your knowledge and ideas to make money would have multiplied at the end of this article. Mine is just to help you with “how-to”, and yours is to implement it and start making your money.

So you want to make money, right? Have you ever asked yourself “What do I need money for?” or “Why do I need money?” “How urgent do I need the money?” “How far am I willing to go to make money?”

As stupid as the questions above seem, they are critical questions to be examined. Maybe you don’t know, but these questions are what drives your attitude and determination towards making money.

It means all these questions need answers before taking any action on “how to make money from home.”

If you’ve got no answer to the questions, then something might go wrong because the ways I’m about to show you might not be sufficient for you (If you’re hoping for a “Pablo Escober” wealth).

Nevertheless, this could inevitably turn out to be a source of active or passive income for you so that you can invest in other businesses, save, and plan a bigger future.

Enough of the preaching, let’s get on with this.

My most recommended ways of making money from home are divided into two;

  • How to Make Money From Home; Online and Offline.

Every legitimate way of making money (including illegal ones), either from home, office, or anywhere else inevitably falls under one of the two categories listed above.

While most published articles only give tips on either how to earn money from home online or how to earn money from home offline, I’ll be teaching you how to earn both ways thereby maximizing your earnings.

Things you should know on “How to make money from home – online and offline”.

I’m afraid to burst your bubble on this one but making money from home online could be a little “Time consuming” and “Tricky” (without the right guide) although less stressful.

Generally, you should be willing to devote the time and energy required for both ways of earning, if not, you could lose hope and finally give up. Note: Winners never quit.

You can also fall victim to scam online if you’re not careful, examples are “read and get paid websites’ ‘signup for this and get paid’ etc. However, the methods listed in this article are genuine, so you’ve got nothing to worry about.

One of the most exciting things about making money online is that there’s no limit to what you can earn. And you can have as many sources of online income as you want.

I’m sure it’s no news to you how much the world has become transparent, all thanks to the rapid development in the internet and technology, and almost unlimited access to the globe through social media. A lot is going on online than you can imagine (Transactions and Trade).

Online earnings have been effective at sustaining millions of people financially.

So, who says you can’t have your share of the Global Cake?

How to Make Money From Home

Start a Home Business

One of the easiest ways to earn from home is to start a home business. You don’t necessarily have to turn your home into a massive trading store before you can call it a company.

Think about what you can do or what you love to do, what simple skills do you have?

You can start a home business by raising chickens (mini poultry), making dresses as a fashion designer with your home as your office, make hair or cut and style hair straight from your house (home salon), etc. Make sure to get licensed if necessary, just to be on the safer side.

A home business makes you the boss. You don’t take orders from anyone. You can even offer services to your neighbors, your street, etc. With little practical efforts as you grow a customer base, you’ll soon expand your business to other places.

A home business could be the first step to your active income. Most top/big companies today started from a little place like home. Your home should not only be a place to live in. You can take advantage of it to create another active source of income.

Start A Dropshipping Business

You can create an online store to sell third-party products (which you won’t be keeping) and start earning today.

Dropshipping Business has been made easier than ever. You can quickly create your online store on Shopify and start making money online as soon as a customer buys a product from your store.

Take up Writing Jobs

I must confess that this is one of my favorite ways of making money online, although it isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Do you have some writing skills? Can you type fast?

Alright then, you can start earning from home as a freelance writer. With websites like UpWork and Fiver becoming viable and safe options for freelancers to sell their services on, freelancing has become so much more comfortable than ever. You can also offer your services to friends.

As part of your writing job, you can start writing books or ebooks and sell them on online stores like Amazon although earnings don’t come as soon as you put your books up for sale, especially for new writers or publishers.

Nevertheless, your books will generate income for you sooner or later. That is why it’s advisable to write quality content on quality subjects to keep customers coming back for more. Patience is the key!

Start Making and Selling Handmade Goods

Maybe you know how to weave or make any other handmade goods. You can surely earn by selling those handmade products, not only online but also to family, friends, neighbors, your street, in fact to everyone and anyone.

Etsy is a platform that lets you sell not only designed goods but also genuine homemade and vintage goods. It’s one of the largest online marketplaces for handmade goods, though there are countless other platforms worth their merit depending on the handmade products you are an expert in crafting.


Who says you have to be a millionaire before you can be an investor? You can invest in upcoming companies and enjoy the benefits later.

Apps like Acorns and Stash let you invest just a few dollars and earn interest for it. Micro-investment is an excellent alternative if you don’t have stock market money.

Although this isn’t a way to “Pablo Escobar’s type of wealth” like I mentioned earlier, it is, however, a useful method to get familiar with investing and feel more confident about where your money is going.

Social Media anlined Paid Ads

The rapid increase in social media usage could be the key to your earning.

Millions of people use different social media networks every day, so why don’t you utilize your social media presence in creating a source of income for yourself by helping others (including companies) to advertise their products and get noticed.

Social media and digital marketing is the easiest way to get an audience’s attention.

Your social media accounts; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, can be monetized.

WhatsApp Tv is a new good example.

You can also monetize your youtube account. I’ll explain more about this later.

You can also start flipping social media accounts. Everybody wants fame, Okay, maybe not everyone.

The point is this. People want attention, so they buy social media accounts to get lots of likes. So you can sell social media accounts with high followers or engagements.

An excellent testimony to this is a Facebook account and page I sold for $345 last year. Although it wasn’t so much, I was able to pay some bills.

Become an Online Tutor.

Not everyone loves writing. Don’t worry. You can still make money online.

You can simply turn your phone into a money-making machine by making videos. This is where YouTube comes in.

As the second most used search engine in the world after Google. Youtube is a simple and easy-to-use video social media network. It won’t cost you a dime to start up an account and start earning as soon as you monetize your account.

You can start a youtube channel on any and every topic you can think of. Help people find answers to questions with your videos. You can also solve problems, teach languages, etc.

If you can’t afford a professional camera yet, a phone with a reasonably good camera will do.

Note: Videos with low quality are often discouraging, and viewers might quickly lose interest.

Bottom line

With the ways listed above, making money from home should now be easier. To get more information on some of the methods listed and explained above, you can click on the texts with links.

Don’t forget to drop your comment. I gladly welcome your suggestions. You can also Subscribe to get more important and exclusive updates.

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