Have you set up a blog? Or you plan on setting up one. Here, I have provided a complete guide on how to make money from your blog.

Blogging has been my ‘main’ source of income for months now. I have been blogging since I was 19 (I started with Blogger, a web hosting service).

To be honest, making money isn’t easy. Making money from blogging is even a bit uneasy, especially for newbies.

So, I’ll suggest you trash all those words you’ve heard of how easy it is to make money from blogging.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying you can’t make money from your blog. If I did, then there is no point in creating this article.

The fact I’m trying to establish is, times are changing. New bloggers are coming up every day, and without the right guide to starting up a successful blog, you could get lost in the crowd.

Most blogs will sweet talk to you. Some will even assure you that you can start earning immediately you start up your blog (an untrue fact that people want). However, It isn’t true.

The truth is, you can start up a successful blog and make money from it. It could even turn out to become a significant source of income for you, but it takes time, persistence, and consistency.

I’m not charging anything for this guide. It’s completely free. All I want is that you carefully follow the guide. It will help quicken your pace to monetizing your blog.

Here, I’ll assume you have a blog already. This way, we will get on to things faster.

Before we get on to the real deal, let me answer a FAQ.

Bonus: How to Make Money From your Blog – Complete Guide

How Much Can I Earn Blogging?

Everyone wants profit, right? No one wants to drown their time and money in an investment that will yield nothing.

Earning from your blog doesn’t work like magic. It’s just like every other legal business. You Invest, try to develop your investment and marketing, then start making a profit.

I won’t be specifying any amount because there’s no limit to what you can earn as a blogger. Some bloggers make more than $5000 every month.

An example is a blogging couple, Yeison and Samantha, who run mytanfeet.com and are making over $5k per month while they travel the world and share their photos and stories on their blog. Some bloggers even earn more.

Everything invested in your blog – time, money, persistence, and consistency in its growth and development are determinants of how much you can earn blogging.

These will contribute to the quantity and quality of your site traffic (visitors and users). The amount and quality of your traffic will then determine your income from your blog.

Now that you know how much you can make from your blog, let’s head on to the “How” part.

Make Money From your Blog with CPC or CPM Ads

This is one of the most common ways of earning for bloggers. They place visible Ads (advertisements) on the site, and they earn every time a visitor or user clicks on them or views a page with the Ads.

For CPC (cost per click) and CPM (cost per impression) Ads, the earning varies. The country of your users and visitors, a device used, the niche, and lots more are what determines your CPC (how much you earn every time someone clicks on the ADs).

CPM (cost per impression) is quite different. Although it is the same visible Ads, users or visitors don’t have to click on the Ads, unlike CPC. You get paid for every 1000 views (impression) of pages with Ads on your site.

Right now, it seems the most popular network for this type of Ads is Google Adsense. This program makes monetizing easier for you, as you don’t have to meet with advertisers.

They provide banner Ads that you can simply place on your site through the provided code. They are also one of the big dogs, as their payment is competitive and easier (except in some cases).

Getting approved by Adsense could be quite tricky. But don’t worry, other Advertising networks offer visible Ads (Banner Ads) with a straightforward payment process. You can check out Adsterra, Propeller, or Mgid.

There are other Advertising networks out there, and some are a scam. So be careful when choosing your advertising network. The ones I mentioned above have been tested and can be trusted, so I recommend them.

Use Affiliate Links in your Content.

In case you don’t know what affiliate marketing is or you’d love to broaden your knowledge, I have created a complete guide for you.

Affiliate marketing is a very effective way of monetizing your blog. Individuals and companies often offer publishers incentives for products sold.

All you have to do is include your affiliate link in your content or as a Banner Ad on your site. Whenever someone clicks and makes a purchase. Yes! You make your profit.

Sell Private Ads

Affiliate Networks or Advertising Networks are not the only options to monetize your blog. With reasonably good traffic on your blog, companies or individuals who want to have their product or service advertised will reach out to you.

You can also reach out to them instead of waiting for them to come to you. Let them know how impressive your traffic is and offer them a space to advertise their product or service.

Advertisers will pay you for mentioning their company, product, or service in your post. You can also write product reviews and get paid. How much you charge for all these depends on you.

Sell eBooks and Tools.

This is another way to monetize your blog. Maybe you don’t want to advertise other people’s products or services; you can sell eBooks and tools to your customers and users.

You can even offer online classes for courses. It is a way to earn extra bucks for yourself. However, don’t just put up any tool or ebook for sale. You should look out for what your customers want, and what will better improve their lives.

The tools and ebooks up for sale could be made or developed by you, and it could be someone else’s. All that matters is you making your rightful earnings.

Market your Business

Your blog is a useful way to boost your business (if you have one). Instead of selling private ads, you could advertise your own business, sell products and make a profit.

A blog can serve almost any business you can think of. Maybe you sell footwear. You can create a gallery on your blog to display your products to customers and visitors.

You can even create and advertise your brand with your blog. Don’t be limited to selling products alone; create a closer relationship with your customers and users by offering services related to your product (sometimes free).

Build Your Identity and Credibility

Although this takes time and lots of effort, however, successfully building your Identity and credibility will open doors of income opportunity for you.

For instance, if you start a blog on a specific niche and eventually become famous for it, people will recognize you as an authority in the niche and approach you for super deals and projects like co-authoring a book and personal training.

This isn’t a common way of making money from a blog. But it has worked for so many. They’ve been recognized as authorities, and they are making an excellent income from it.

You must know that you know you don’t just start earning as soon as you set up a blog, and a blog won’t automatically start generating income for you without any effort, time and money invested.

I’ll not only define a successful blogger as someone who is appreciated for solving issues and offering services to satisfy customers and visitors. Becoming a successful blogger also entails profiting from your blog.

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