Want to know how to start a music blog?

Your idea of starting a music blog shows how passionate you’re about music.

Besides, a music blog will help your music career, except you plan on blogging about other people’s music, which is an excellent way of creating a source of income.

Whichever one is the reason for your decision to start a music blog, I say it’s excellent. Relax, because I’m about to give you the full guide containing all the necessary steps you should take in creating your music blog.

Probably you knew this already. I also help build websites and blogs. At the time I started my blogging career, I tried out so many niches, including music. I must confess it is one of my most thrilling blogging experiences.

With my experience and research on music blogging and blogging in general, I’ll help guide your steps towards starting your music blog. This way, you’d know what mistakes to avoid and the necessary things to do.

You might have heard that a lot of people are into the niche. Don’t panic! This guide I’m about to give you will make you stand out better.

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Make a Plan

You could be thinking “why do I need a plan? It’s just a music blog”. Of course not, it isn’t just a music blog. Perhaps you have only a little knowledge of how profitable a music blog can be, let me enlighten you.

Music blogging is profitable, even with the massive number of people in the niche (according to my research). Music blogs and entertainment generally are among the top niches generating the most traffic to blogs and websites.

Successful Music blogs always have something which makes them unique. This is what we’re about to do too.

Now let’s get back to planning your music blog.

Know Your ‘Solid Motivation’

To make a plan, you have to know why you want to start a music blog. Starting a blog, mainly a music blog without a solid motivation backing it up could get discouraging. Your ‘solid motivation’ could be passion or love for music, passion for blogging, love for an artist as a fan, etc.

Define the Goal and Purpose of Your Music Blog

Making a plan for your music blog also involves defining the goal or purpose. It could seem a bit related to “knowing why you want to start a music blog”, but it isn’t.

This is where you make a plan on what will make your blog stand out better. You don’t want to be doing the same thing that has been done several times by hundreds of music bloggers out there. That’ll be time-wasting.

What will you blog about? You can’t be a Jack of all trade in music blogging except you want to get lost in the crowd. Decide what will be the focus of your blog.

Will you focus on upcoming artists or independent musicians? Will it be a particular genre that interests you? Will you focus on local artists or international? Will you only be celebrating artists or criticizing them as well? Will your blog be about bands or musicians?

These are questions you should answer (although not limited to these) before defining the goal of your blog.

Choose your Audience

This is simple. Your chosen music genre will determine your audience. For instance, music that focuses on hip hop will often get visitors of 15 – 40 years. Unlike a Juju music blog, its visitors will most likely be from 40 upward.

Although times are changing, even older people now listen to hip hop, how fascinating! Still, your audience will determine your blog traffic, and traffic determines income.

The more audience you target, the higher your income is likely to be. However, targeting an audience that is being served already by thousands of music bloggers is most likely to fail.

Plan Your Network

This is a big deal. How will you publish your blog to connect better to people? Strategize on how you can keep connected to your audience. Which social network will you be using? How often do you want to communicate with your audience?

There are several ways to keep connected to your visitors.

It’s essential to have social media profiles as a means of networking. This has been a useful technique for networking, not only for music blogs but blogs generally.

Now that we’re done planning, let’s get on with the more significant task (setting up your music blog).

How to Start a Music Blog

Congratulations! Starting a successful music blog should now be very much easy for you.

Most people who start up music blogs and fail later are because they do not know the first steps listed and explained above.

Here’s how to start your music blog:

Buy a Web Hosting

In case you have no idea of what hosting is, let me quickly explain. Hosting is simply the home of your blog. Buying hosting is like renting an apartment on the internet, just as you would rent a regular store to set up a business.

Although there are platforms that offer free hosting, it is highly recommended that you opt for a paid hosting. Platforms like WordPress.com, Blogger, and Tumblr offer free hosting.

When I started blogging, I made the mistake of using a free host, and that wasted so much of my time. Aside from the fact that they don’t offer a custom domain name, I couldn’t monetize my blog.

Although this helped me learn the basics of blogging, you shouldn’t make the same mistake if you want to get serious with your music blog and monetize it.

Free hosting comes with limits, unlike paid hosting where you get almost unlimited access to plugins, themes, and other tools to customize your music blog to your taste.

One of the best and reliable web hosting now is Blue Host.

They are perfect for music blogs as they offer affordable plans with lots of space.

Buy a Domain Name

A domain name is the description of your blog. Streets often have signboards that help direct people to their destination. This is what a domain name is.

Don’t just jump to a decision on your domain name because it sounds nice to you. You should carefully decide this. You might not realize how awful your domain name is until you get deeper into the game. This is why you should think carefully about this.

A functional and attractive domain name can help traffic. For instance, if you google search “how to make money” and three results came up with three URLs (domain name):

1. Allclassic.com

2. Digdeeper.com

3. Financetips.com

Of these three domain names above, which will be your choice? Of course, it’s ‘finance tips’ even though it is the third-ranking. 

You’ll choose it because it sounds related to what you searched for. This is how the right domain name helps.

Most hosting companies also offer the domain name for sale. However, I recommend you buy web hosting and the domain name from Blue host, as they provide an excellent service and are competitive on price.

Some hosting companies offer a free domain with hosting packages. You should also lookout for this.

Install a Content Management System

A content management system is also known as CMS. This is what allows you to create, store and upload content.

The recommended content management system here for your music blog is WordPress. WordPress is a free, open-source content management system that is supported by a large community of experts and developers.

Most Hosting platforms offer quick installation of WordPress. BlueHost even makes this more comfortable with “one-click installation”.

Install a Theme

An installed theme determines what your blog will look like. There are free WordPress themes available, which means you have so many options to choose from. Choose wisely!

A good theme will add extra functionalities (e.g. load speed) to your blog, and make it stand out better. This is why I recommend you invest in custom themes. 

Check out Themeforest and Studiopress; these are platforms you can find great themes for a music blog.

Lots of options might keep you undecided. In case you don’t know which one to choose from, you can check out other music blogs. This will help you select the best theme for your blog.

Check out the color, layout, and other features of the design that interests you.

Create Some Content

Now start creating content for your music blog. You don’t want to launch it empty, do you? That would seem like opening a new store with no product.

Create awesome and fascinating content that will help visitors notice your new music blog and always want to come back for more.

Most successful blogs are always up to date on the latest and trending topics. You should also write on current events to attract readers.


Don’t always make events as dangerous as they sound. Still, don’t take off the exciting parts, as this could bore your readers. The key here is to make some parts of the events or stories comical. This helped in my experience.


Now that you’ve set up your music blog start telling people about it. You can start with your friends and family.

Use your social media profiles to your advantage. Tell your friends or followers about your new music blog.

Ask for their support by checking out your blog and sharing it in every way possible. You can also start collecting your visitors’ emails by asking nicely on your blog. With the email list, you can start sending them newsletters to keep them updated.

Always keep your audience engaged with exciting topics and events. This will help you stay relevant.

Remember, patience is key.

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