How to Start an Instagram Blog – Expert guide to Micro-Blogging

With the vast power of social media and viral content, it’s an awesome idea for you to start an Instagram blog for your business or brand. 

Instagram is one of the most relevant social media giants, with more than 70 million users as of 2020.

You may wonder why these numbers matter…well it does. 

It shows how beneficial it will be for marketing your business or brand, finding and connecting with potential customers, increasing your product sales, and building traffic to your WordPress blog (if you have one).

Businesses have been taking advantage of Instagram to market their products, just as bloggers use it to build consistent traffic to their WordPress blogs. 

This social media is serving businesses and brands – both big and small excellently. No wonder its user base keeps increasing every day. 

So if you ask me, Instagram is an amazing platform to start a microblog either for yourself, your business, or your brand. 

But before we delve into “how to start an Instagram Blog”, you should know the benefits of owning a microblog on Instagram. 

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Benefits of starting an Instagram blog (Microblogging)

  • It is free to start: Starting your Instagram blog will cost you $0. This means you can start a blog on Instagram for free. 
  • It is cheaper to manage: Aside from promoting your Instagram blog with Ads if you want, you don’t have to worry about any management or maintenance fees. An Instagram blog is cheaper to manage. 
  • Drive more traffic to your WordPress blog: If you own a WordPress blog, you can use an Instagram blog to increase your traffic, increase your clicks, and make more money with your active and engaging followers. 
  • Closer connection with your audience: It is easier to study your audience with easy engagement statistics. 
  • Make Money Online: An Instagram Blog is another excellent way to make money online. You can promote others’ services/products and get paid as an affiliate, or by selling your products and services to your audience (followers). 

Instagram Blog Examples 

Here are some examples of Instagram blogs you may want to check out. These blogs are sticking to their different niches which are contributing to their success. 

  • ramit

Ramit is an entrepreneur. His Instagram blog is focused on helping people earn more, starting a business, and taking control of their finances. 

This microblog has more than 250k followers. 

  • christieathome

Christieathome is an Instagram food blog. She’s been able to grow her food blog to over 14k followers.

  • theblondeabroad

This is another example of a successful Instagram blog.

Theblondeabroad is a microblog focusing on female tours and travel. The blog also has more than 500k followers. 

  • Pinchofyum

Pinchofyum is another amazing Instagram food blog you may want to know, with over 1m followers. 

  • take_me_to_the_kitchen 

Take_me_to_the_kitchen is another example of an Instagram blog focusing on awesome recipes and baking. 

You can check her Instagram blog out. The microblog has more than 3k loyal followers. 

  • rebekarpati

Rebekarpati is a TV presenter and lifestyle blogger. Her Instagram blog deals with beauty and lifestyle. 

With over 190k followers, it’s a successful personal blog. 

  • take_me_fishing

If you’re looking for an Instagram blog very passionate about fishing and boating, here is one. 

This Instagram blog has more than 15k followers. 

There are many more examples of Instagram blogs out there, each concentrating on different profitable niches. 

Don’t just read about them. Let them motivate you to start an Instagram blog and be successful as well. 

But…hold on! 

What will you be starting an Instagram blog about? 

You can’t just start posting random stuff or posting just any content. It won’t sell.

Succeeding is quite difficult when you don’t have a definite purpose for your Instagram blog. 

So think hard about what you’d like it to be about. It may be something you’re passionate about, it may be a particular product you love, your hubby, or anything else. 

Here’s a list of profitable ideas (niches) you can choose from. 

5 profitable Instagram blogging Ideas

Lifestyle Instagram Blog 

A lifestyle Instagram blog usually has to do with pictures and posts of hobbies, interesting events in your everyday activities, insights, etc. 

However, successful lifestyle bloggers tend to be more specific by narrowing down on a sub-niche. 

It could be a hobby, work, family, or anything else.

Travel Instagram Blog 

Do you enjoy travelling and touring? Then this niche is for you.

Hold on! 

You don’t have to be travelling the world before you can be an Instagram travel blogger. 

Being more specific will hasten your success. 

It could be a local or international travel blog, travelling with pets, travelling with family, etc. 

Food and Recipes Instagram Blog 

Who doesn’t eat? No one! 

Food Instagram bloggers have been crushing it when it comes to microblogging, and they are making tons of money from it. 

Again, narrowing down to a sub-niche will speed up your success and showcase you as an authority. 

You can choose to start a food blog on baking, grilling, secret cooking recipes, etc. 

Another excellent idea is to start a food blog for vegetarians. This will help you to be focused on a specific audience and not be a Jack of all trades. 

Finance Instagram Blog

Finance Instagram bloggers write and post content about investing, paying off debts, making money, cryptocurrency, foreign exchange, etc. 

You can choose any of these sub-niches, build a successful Instagram blog about it. 

If you’re an expert at finance management, you can start an Instagram blog to give excellent financial advice. This will help you increase your followers and get you paid as well. 

Note: Many more profitable niches are not on this list. These are just the ones I deem most visible. 

What You Need to Start an Instagram Blog

Here’s a list of all you need to start an Instagram Blog :

  • A smartphone with at least 2-gigabit ram, an excellent camera, and a good processor. It could be an android phone(AOS) or iPhone (IOS). 
  • A working email address and phone number. 
  • Product, content, or services you’ll be selling – depending on your niche. 

How to Start a Blog on Instagram and Get Paid

To start a blog on Instagram is pretty easy. You don’t have to submit some kind of proposal, go through an interview, or wait for someone to get your microblog approved. 

Here’s all you have to do:

  • Visit the Instagram sign up page, and sign up with your email or phone number (a phone number is most recommended). 
  • Next, you’ll have to enter your full name and choose a password. To better secure your Instagram blog, I recommend that you choose a password that’s easier for you to remember but impossible to guess. 
  • Then you’ll be sent a confirmation code which you must enter into the text box to verify your account. It’s the only verification process. 
  • Your Instagram blog will be set up instantly. So the next thing to do is go to the option to edit your profile and switch to a professional account. 
  • Next, you’ll have to choose a category (quite related to niche) for your Instagram blog. I’ll explain more on how to choose a profitable niche for your Instagram blog later. 
  • Monetization is the last step, and you shouldn’t rush into it until your Instagram blog has grown enough. There are several strategies you can use to make money from your Instagram blog. From using affiliate links to creating sponsored posts, and selling your products or services. 

Expert tip: Don’t set your Instagram blog to be private, unless you only want friends and family to read your blog. 

A public profile will attract more readers (followers), increase the chance of people finding your Instagram blog, and help readers connect with you easily. 

15 Instagram blogging tips to build your microblog

Choose a professional Instagram username

Choosing a professional username for your Instagram blog is very important. 

Before you can start an Instagram blog, you need to pick a username that will depict your brand or business as professional. 

Don’t make your username complicated like “the_cook_ing_hub”, no! 

Pick a username that anyone can remember and easily search for. 

It’s easier to remember “money_teacher” or “the_moneyteacher” than trying to figure out where the underscores are in “the_mon_ey_tea_cher”. 

In short, try to avoid unnecessary and too many underscores (_) in your username. 

You can also use your existing brand, blog, or business name if you wish. 

Just try to keep it simple, easy to remember, attractive, and easily searchable. 

These criteria will help you create an excellent username to start an Instagram blog. 

Choose a niche and stick to it

Your chosen niche is simply what your Instagram blog will be about. 

Is it food, travel, a hobby, fashion, music, money management, Investment, cryptocurrency, makeup, soap making? 

I can keep on mentioning… 

Before you can start an Instagram Blog, you need to figure out what your microblog will be about. 

It will determine the kind of content you feed to your followers and hasten your success as an Instagram blogger.

Create an attractive Instagram bio

Aside from your username and the blue verification sign, your Instagram bio also gives people the first impression of what your blog is like.

“Is it a professional Instagram blog?” 

“Is the blog worth following?”

“Should I check out more content?” 

These and many more are what comes to the reader’s mind after the first glance at your bio. 

So, you have to optimize your bio to catch their attention. Make it concise, engaging, and informative. 

Your Instagram blog should have a captivating bio that will make readers want to click or check out your content. 

Don’t be too formal. Instead make your bio as friendly as possible, while giving a short description of what your blog is about and what products or services you offer. 

You may also want to include a link to a webpage or product page. This will help increase traffic to the webpage or increase the click-through rate and product sales. 

You can as well add your contact information so that customers or readers can connect with you when they have enquiries. 

If you need inspiration on how to craft a good Instagram blog bio, you can check out other successful Instagram bloggers in your niche. 

Optimize your Instagram posts before sharing

The primary essence of posting content on your Instagram blog is to get your readers attention. 

So make sure it’s well optimized, avoid unnecessary spelling errors unless you’re trying to create some kind of funny content. 

If you’re creating a post to suck in your readers’ attention, then make it precise and concise. 

Don’t write extremely long lines of product, image, or video description. It will bore your readers. 

According to research, people have a very short attention span, especially when it comes to social media. 

You will hardly see someone stay 10 seconds on a page unless it’s interesting and captivating enough to suck in their attention. 

An attractive caption can work wonders, and it’s better than a long line of junks.

So when writing your caption, you can start by asking a logical question or telling a hilarious story.

This will hold your readers’ attention. 

Remember you’re trying to draw in your readers, so make sure your readers can relate to every thought and experience you share.

In the end, give a solution to the challenge, a solution readers can implement.

Implement relevant and powerful Instagram hashtags

Hashtags are words or phrases that usually comes after the hash (#) symbol.

They are designed to help people find information about specific topics. 

Instagram hashtags make your content easily discoverable to everyone, including non-followers. 

Users also follow different hashtags to get updates in their feed without following the individuals who are creating the content. 

This means whenever someone uses the hashtag in a post, they will see it. 

So, to further optimize your post and increase your Instagram blog visibility, you need to start using those relevant and powerful hashtags in your posts. 

It’s said that posts with five to ten hashtags tend to do better. 

In other words, hashtags boost the chances of your posts being discovered.

Still, you shouldn’t overuse them.

5 to 10 relevant hashtags are okay, while 30 might project your Instagram blog as desperate for attention. 

While popular hashtags don’t guarantee that your post will go viral, too many hashtags will also make your post description ugly to the eyes and make it look like spam. 

And nobody likes spammers! 

So, only use relevant hashtags.

If you don’t know what hashtag to use in your posts, simply check out what hashtags others in your niche are using. 

Bonus: When using your hashtags, clearly separate them from your caption or description to enhance your content readability. 

Use “Call To Action” (CTA) in your posts

Have you ever come across texts like “see more” “click here” “checkout more exclusive offers,” words that make you take action? These words or phrases are called CTAs. 

CTAs help readers take specific actions, either to click on a URL or to check out a page. 

So, you need to start adding CTAs to your post if you want your readers to go to a specific page or take an action.

Add your Instagram feed to your WordPress blog

An Instagram feed in your WordPress blog will boost your followership and engagement. 

And a high engagement will increase the visibility of your post, which will bring you more followers. 

This means that visitors to your WordPress blog can easily visit your Instagram blog and become followers after a glance at your captivating profile. 

An Instagram feed on your WordPress blog will undoubtedly boost the growth of your Instagram blog.

Have a consistent posting schedule 

To start an Instagram blog for success, you need to have a consistent posting schedule. 

All the inspiration and motivation will be useless if you start your Instagram blog now and end up quitting a few weeks later.

The growth and success of any microblog are only achievable through consistency. 

If you’re the one who posts every day, try to be consistent with it. 

You may lose followers if you go days or weeks without posting.

Use only attractive images 

Humans are visual beings, and Instagram is a visual platform. The photos and videos you use are more important than the descriptions below. 

Poor images may give your readers a poor impression and negatively affect your click-through rate. 

You don’t have to use your images, you can source quality images from Pixabay, Pexels, Freepik, and many other free stock photo websites.

Also, your content (photos or videos) should be related to your blog niche and relevant to the products or services you offer. 

Understand your audience

Understanding your audience isn’t as complicated as it may sound. 

It’s simply about knowing what kind of content appeals most to them, what content they engage with the most, etc. 

Understanding your audience will help you build a good relationship with them as you grow your Instagram blog. 

A better understanding of who your audience is and what content appeals most to them will help you know what type of audience to keep targeting. 

It will also help you identify the goldmines in your niche. 

Build your tribe by connecting with your followers

If you want to start an Instagram blog for success, if important you learn how to connect with your followers. 

The followers also referred to as tribes are what drives the success of your Instagram blog, so don’t start feeling like a celebrity yet. 

Don’t ignore important messages or comments. 

Engage with them by replying to comments, dropping funny replies, giving helpful opinions and answers to their questions, etc. 

It’s also important that you provide a way they can connect with you better aside from your Instagram blog. 

It could be an email or some other social media handles. 

Tap into the power of Instagram stories

The Instagram story feature is an important one you shouldn’t ignore if you want to build your Instagram blog. 

People love visual content, and they tend to spend more time on pictures and videos. 

Take advantage of this Instagram stories feature. Show your readers what you’re up to or make them curious about what you will be doing next. 

You can also use this feature to get personal with your audience by showing them places you love to visit or talk about what’s on your mind. 

When you eventually get the feature to add links to your Instagram story, use it to redirect your followers to important posts. 

Do Instagram giveaways and contests

 Who doesn’t love “free”? 

Instagram giveaways and contests are great strategies to grow your Instagram followers, increase engagement and promote your blog. 

So, giving people the chance to win awesome free prizes will pull in massive attention to your Instagram blog.

You can reward your followers for performing simple tasks like referring others to your Instagram, liking and commenting on your posts, sharing your posts, doing something funny, etc. 

Ask Mark Zuckerberg for extra help (Run Ads) 

You don’t necessarily have to call Mark to help you boost your blog visibility. 

If you want to increase your followership and Instagram engagement, spending a little money on ads is a good way to go. 

Forget what you’ve heard about how expensive it is to run ads, it isn’t. 

Instagram ads convert well if done right and it’s easy to manage. 

Instagram lets you customize your target audience, or they can help you do the targeting. 

You can also choose the goal of your ads; is it to get more website visitors, boost an Instagram post, promote your page, or get more leads. 

Network and Engage with other Instagram users

Another good way to build your Instagram blog is to engage with other Instagram users.

Don’t just start an Instagram blog and wait for other users to connect with you…no! 

Networking is about increasing your reach on Instagram.

Follow them, drop thoughtful and funny comments on their posts, and answer their followers’ questions. 

These are strategies to increase your followers and increase your Instagram visibility. 

When you can provide solutions and answers to others outside your tribe, more people will notice you, follow you, and recognize you as an authority. 

So, networking is about repeating all the processes over and over again. 

Conclusion on how to start an Instagram Blog

To start an Instagram blog is easy, however, building it takes time, consistency, and patience. 

Sooner or later the platform will reward you for the time spent, as well as the knowledge and all the effort you’re investing.

I hope this article is very useful for you. 

I’d be glad to answer your questions and know your suggestions, don’t forget to drop a comment. 

Enough of the talk, it’s time to implement the strategies in this guide and start an Instagram Blog for your business or brand.

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