As vain as the idea to increase your followers on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram might sound, I can assure you with proof that there are benefits attached. 

When I started my first Instagram account, I would show off to my friends whenever a user starts following me. Back then, getting more followers was more like a competition.

Aside from the fact that seeing that golden number of followers in your profile arouses an unexplainable positive feeling, it could turn your social media accounts into your money-making machines or be your trick of earning extra bucks. I can relate.

When you google search “how to increase my Instagram followers”, “how to increase your Twitter followers”, or “how to increase my Facebook followers”, you’d be getting hundreds of search results. 

However, most of these blogs and websites just keep repeating the same standard action over and over again.

Some of the ones ranking best even explain only from the perspective of a celebrity; you just create an account, put up a good profile and bio, post good stuff and start getting followers (which never works).

How about the perspective of people like us? We’re only celebrities in our homes, streets, and workplaces, and we’d love to connect with more people by gaining more followers. How do we grow our social media profiles to get thousands of followers too?

Ask no further, as I have critically answered all the questions to help increase your followers in this guide.

Why does increasing your followers matter?

Neil Patel described Twitter as a “global powerhouse”. More than 70% of twitter’s user base consists of international users. It shows that Twitter gives you access to a global audience.

This doesn’t mean other social media aren’t relevant as well. Facebook is the biggest of the conventional social networks with the highest number of monthly active users.

Instagram as well is one of the most used photo/video social media. Unique in its way, there’s so much to this social network than you can imagine.

You could be wondering, “why is he explaining all these”, “Do I even need to know?”

All these aren’t just metrics to be seen. They should trigger you to think of how you can utilize them for your profit, either by advertising your products or someone else’s to potential customers or creating your brand.

However, you can’t do all these without a reasonably good amount of followers. So let’s get back to “How to Increase Your Followers Quickly.”

How to Quickly Increase Your Followers (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram)

Don’t be an “All me” user

An “All me” user is a social media user who makes the totality of the account about himself or herself. Research has shown that most social media users often make everything about themselves.

It is one of the unnoticeable mistakes social media users make. It has been proven that people tend to appreciate more informational posts than the ones about you.

For instance, a post says “I’m back to LA”, and another says “Check out fascinating places in LA”. Which one do you think will get the highest number of shares, views, likes, and comments? Of course, it’s the latter, and this will, in turn, increase your followers.

Making your social media presence all about yourself won’t help grow your account, I have helped people manage social media accounts, and I can testify to this.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean you should turn your profile to some broadcasting service. No!

My point is this, do more informational posts than about yourself. Post about funny stuff you think people would love but don’t make it too much. 

Else, they’ll start seeing you as a clown. The key here is to post about things you think will interest people and not just some random post.

Establish Yourself as an Authority

If you’re not a celebrity, then make yourself one! I’m not implying you should impersonate others or steal people’s identity, No! 

What I’m saying here is this, you can make yourself a mini-celebrity first, increase your followers, then become a more prominent celebrity.

You may know that there are people on various social media who became famous for ‘nothing’. They’re not selling products nor are they celebrities. However, it isn’t anything. These guys are only experts at creating an authoritative identity for themselves.

According to Buffer “Gurus, authors, and experts get a bump of 100+ more followers”.

You can employ this trick too. A common thing about celebrities is fame, but they are also creators, problem solvers, and leaders.

Be a guru at what you do. Let it reflect in your bio. For instance, don’t put up something like “I am a blogger and an entrepreneur.” It isn’t exciting enough. 

Instead, write something like “I am a professional blogger with years of experience, and a successful entrepreneur.” Isn’t that more interesting and attractive? Of course, it is!

Most people tend to check out profile info before clicking the follow button. With such an authoritative profile, It is natural for people’s instinct to urge them to support you even when they don’t intend to.

Terms like the founder, expert, author, professional and official can be compelling assets to increase your followers.

Plan your Post

Here, timing is the key. Have it at the back of your mind that you’re not the only one creating and uploading a post. There are millions of other users doing the same. 

Therefore, uploading your posts at the wrong time could result in fewer views, likes, and comments, as many other posts would drown your post and followers won’t even notice it.

This will result in wasted time because when people don’t see or share your posts, there’s no way you’d increase your followers in return. The solution is to plan your job.

I know how eager anyone could get just to upload that interesting post so everyone could see, but doing it at the wrong time could result in a wasted effort.

I can’t recommend the best time to upload your posts, as time and location varies. Still, you can do it. 

Only look out for the best time your followers are online, although your post will have to compete with so many other posts.

Yet, your followers will notice yours and stop by to check it out. Do you know why? It’s because you’re not an “all me user” and you’ve established your authority. 

It’s similar to scrolling through your Instagram homepage and suddenly noticed you scrolled past a favorite celebrity’s post. You’d scroll back up to check it out, Right?

In addition to planning your post, don’t spam your followers with irrelevant posts. You can post once or twice a day. You can even post more, as long as your posts are relevant, informational, and entertaining. 

It will generate more views, likes, and shares, which will, in turn, increase your followers. Much more posts like this will make people quickly notice you or your brand.

Be a Mini Philanthropist

Research conducted for Twitter UK back in March 2018, revealed the top ten reasons why people follow brands. This also applies to individuals.

55% follow because they like the brand, 52% support all offers or promotions, and 51% follow to stay up to date with news from the brand.

This is an undeniable fact. One of the biggest reasons why people follow on social media is to gain something. It could be exclusive content, special offers, or promotions. 

Even nowadays, most people follow for giveaways. It seems to be trending.

Nonetheless, if you’re a brand hoping to increase your audience and maximize your sale, this is for you. 

One interesting fact is that most people don’t follow a brand because it’s a brand; it’s because they believe brands always have something unique to offer. So give it to them.

You can organize giveaways and discounts. I’ll strongly advise against holding a follow contest; it is a waste of time, funds, and effort. Most people will end up unfollowing you after the contest. So, do it the right way (Become a mini philanthropist), and they’ll stay.

Like I mentioned earlier, this also applies to individuals and not only brands.

Search and Follow ‘real’ People

Aside from the fact that buying fake followers, likes, or views could get you penalized. It’s also bad for business if you’re thinking of monetizing your social media accounts.

I strongly recommend you find and follow real people as they tend to follow back, unlike ‘fake’ followers. Only real people can see your posts and share them, thereby increasing your followers.

Fake followers are just accounts created just to follow and help increase the visible digit in your profile. They’ll contribute nothing; no comment, no likes, no views. Moreover, only real people can patronize you for your products.

So follow real people, including some influential people.

Be Active

This where most people get it wrong. Just as some people think that not updating your WhatsApp status is a sign of maturity or ‘cool attitude’ online, the same applies to other social media.

I’m not so happy to inform you that your ‘cool attitude’ online will earn you nothing. People will start to unfollow you as soon as they notice you’re inactive. So I’m advising now to drop the cool and mature online attitude and start building your social media profiles and turn them into your money-making machine.

Try to engage your audience as much as you can. Most people will comment on your posts, send you messages, and retweet or share your posts. For now, you should reply as much as you can. Don’t let them pile up. Soon, you won’t be able to respond to most of them again. It’s a good sign that you’re doing it.

Link to Your Social Media Profiles on Your Website

This is also an effective way to increase your followers (although for blogs and website owners).

Don’t just drop raw links on a page. It won’t work or convert well. Instead, create professional-looking icons that will link back to your social media profiles. Visitors who come to your site might be interested in following you on social media and clicking any of the social icons will redirect them to the appropriate page.

Quickly recap of how to Increase Your Followers (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram)”

1. Don’t be an “All me” User

2. Establish Yourself as an Authority

3. Plan your Post

4. Be a mini philanthropist

5. Search and follow ‘real’ people

6. Be Active

7. Link to Your Social Media Profiles on Your Website

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