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Ultimate LinkedIn Users Statistics (Comple Details)

LinkedIn Users Statistics

LinkedIn is a business-oriented social media platform that has been around since 2002 and has since become one of the most popular professional networking sites in the world. 

Over the years, the platform has grown significantly and now boasts over 700 million registered users worldwide. 

If you’re in the business world, there’s a good chance you have a LinkedIn account. 

But, have you ever stopped to consider just how much data is generated on the platform?


LinkedIn User Statistics

Understanding the demographics and behavior of LinkedIn users can provide valuable insights for businesses and individuals looking to make the most of the platform. 

Here is a comprehensive look at the statistics of LinkedIn users.

Number of LinkedIn Registered Users

As of 2021, LinkedIn has over 700 million registered users, with an average of two new users joining the platform every second. 

This level of growth and popularity makes LinkedIn the largest professional networking site in the world, providing an unparalleled level of access to a global network of professionals.

Source: LinkedIn

Geographical Distribution of LinkedIn Users

LinkedIn has a truly global reach, with users from over 200 countries around the world.

The largest group of LinkedIn users is based in the United States, followed by India and Brazil, but the platform is also seeing strong growth in countries like China, which is now the fourth largest market for LinkedIn.

Source: LinkedIn

Demographics of LinkedIn Users

  • Age: The majority of LinkedIn users are aged 18-64, with the largest age group being 25-34 (29%).
  • Gender: Approximately 44% of LinkedIn users are women, while 56% are men.
  • Education: Over 50% of LinkedIn users hold a bachelor’s degree or higher.
  • Location: The United States is the largest market for LinkedIn, with over 160 million users. India is the second largest market with over 95 million users.

Source: Hootsuite

LinkedIn User Activity

  • Login Frequency: The average LinkedIn user logs in to the platform once every 17 days.
  • Engagement Time: The average time spent on LinkedIn by a user is 17 minutes per session.
  • Content Consumption: Over 40% of LinkedIn users regularly consume content on the platform, such as articles and videos.
  • Job Changes: Approximately 40% of LinkedIn users change jobs within a year.

Source: Hootsuite

LinkedIn Job Seekers

  • Job Seekers: Approximately 60% of LinkedIn users are actively looking for job opportunities.
  • Job Applications: Over 40% of job applicants apply for a job through LinkedIn.
  • Recruitment: Over 90% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find and hire new employees.

Source: Hootsuite

LinkedIn Job Seeker Activity

LinkedIn is a popular destination for job seekers, with over 80% of users saying they use the site to support their job search. 

Over 40% of LinkedIn users have applied for a job on the platform, and 70% of those users claim to have found their current job through LinkedIn. 

The platform provides a unique opportunity for job seekers to network with potential employers and find new job opportunities.

Source: LinkedIn

LinkedIn for Business

  • Company Pages: There are over 30 million company pages on LinkedIn, providing businesses with a platform to showcase their brand and connect with potential customers and employees.
  • Advertising Revenue: LinkedIn generated over $3 billion in advertising revenue in 2020.
  • Sales Solutions: LinkedIn Sales Solutions, a suite of sales tools and services, generated over $2 billion in revenue in 2020.
  • Learning Platform: LinkedIn Learning, an online learning platform, had over 17 million users in 2020.

Source: Hootsuite

Industry Representation on LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s users come from a wide range of industries, with the largest representation coming from the tech, finance, and healthcare sectors. 

In terms of job function, the largest group of LinkedIn users are in sales, followed by human resources and marketing.

Source: LinkedIn

LinkedIn Engagement Metrics

One of the most significant aspects of LinkedIn is the level of engagement that users have with the platform. 

On average, LinkedIn users spend 17 minutes per session on the site, which is significantly more time than users spend on other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. 

Furthermore, LinkedIn users are highly active, with 40% of users checking the site daily and 60% checking the site weekly.

Source: LinkedIn

LinkedIn User Habits

LinkedIn users are active in a variety of ways on the platform. 

Networking is one of the most popular activities on LinkedIn, with users connecting with others in their professional network. 

The average LinkedIn user has 930 connections on the site, and they also engage in groups, with the average user belonging to seven groups.

Source: LinkedIn


LinkedIn Content Engagement

Another important aspect of LinkedIn is the content that users engage with on the platform. 

Every day, thousands of articles, videos, and other pieces of content are shared on LinkedIn. 

The average LinkedIn user spends a significant amount of time engaging with this content, with the platform reporting that users engage with over 120 pieces of content each week.

Source: LinkedIn

LinkedIn Company Pages

LinkedIn Company Pages are a powerful tool for businesses to showcase their brand and connect with potential customers and employees. 

As of 2021, there are over 30 million company pages on LinkedIn, making it one of the largest databases of company information on the internet. 

Company pages are a valuable resource for job seekers, as they provide insights into company culture, values, and open job positions.

Source: LinkedIn

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn has become an increasingly popular platform for businesses to advertise on. 

With over 700 million registered users, businesses have access to a large and highly targeted audience. 

In terms of advertising revenue, LinkedIn generated over $3 billion in 2020, making it one of the fastest-growing advertising platforms.

Source: LinkedIn

LinkedIn Sales Solutions

LinkedIn Sales Solutions is a suite of tools and services designed to help businesses make the most of their sales efforts on the platform. 

With features like lead generation, account targeting, and sales insights, LinkedIn Sales Solutions provides businesses with the tools they need to connect with potential customers, generate leads, and close deals. 

In 2020, LinkedIn Sales Solutions generated over $2 billion in revenue.

Source: LinkedIn

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an online learning platform that provides access to over 15,000 courses on a variety of topics, including business, technology, and design. 

With LinkedIn Learning, professionals can develop new skills and advance their careers, while businesses can provide their employees with access to training and development opportunities. 

In 2020, LinkedIn reported over 17 million users for LinkedIn Learning.

Source: LinkedIn


Final Thoughts

LinkedIn is a powerful platform for professionals and businesses alike. 

With over 700 million registered users, it’s one of the largest and most active professional networking sites in the world. 

With a wide range of features, from job seeking and content engagement to sales solutions and online learning, LinkedIn provides its users with the tools they need to succeed in their careers and grow their businesses. 

Whether you’re a job seeker, a business owner, or simply looking to connect with other professionals, LinkedIn has something to offer.