Do you ever wonder why your WordPress site is loading slowly, or what could be slowing down your WordPress site? Here are reasons your site is slow, and how to boost your site speed. 

Do you know that a 1 second delay in your site speed can cut down conversion by 7%, a 16% reduction in customer satisfaction, and an 11% drop down in page views?

A slow website on Google is like bringing a sick horse to a race. Nobody would want to bet on it, and the owner may go home with empty pockets.

In simple words…

With the significant reduction in human attention span of 5 seconds and less, what do you think happens when visitors to your site have to wait for long just to load a web page? 

They quit, bounce off, or close the tab and open another site – which may be your competitor’s. 

In turn, you start losing lots of traffic and conversion to your site. 

When your WordPress site is slow, even Google and other search engines won’t trust your site enough as per the negative signals from visitors’ interaction with your site, and bam! Posts also start losing rankings in search results. 

This is why many bloggers keep complaining that their site is getting few page views but a lot of impressions and clicks. 

It doesn’t matter what industry or niche you’re in, speed matters. The faster your site loads, the better ranking and traffic you get.

Now that you know the advantages of optimizing your website for speed, let’s find out the problem and how to fix it. 


Why is my WordPress site loading slowly? 

WordPress site loading slowly

There is a lot to consider when examining the reasons a website is slow. However, here are 8 common reasons.

  • Poor web hosting: The quality of your web hosting will have a significant impact on your overall website performance.

This means poor web hosting is equal to poor website performance. 

This is why we emphasize at IncomeHob that you carefully chose your web hosting provider.

There are excellent web hosting providers you can get at pocket-friendly prices. 

  • Unoptimized images: This is one of the most common reasons for a slow website. 

When you use high-quality images in your blog posts or pages without optimizing them, your site weight increases – which slows down your site whenever you load a web page. 

Another factor here is the image format. JPEG images are usually small, unlike PNG and GIFs. 

  • Javascript Issues: Javascript plugins are easy ways to include dynamic content in your website. Still, if integrated wrongly, it can slow down your WordPress site load speed.
  • Bulky flash content
  • Ignoring caching 
  • Unclean code
  • Too many Ads on the web page

Too many ads on a web page can have a massive negative impact on load speed.

Aside from adding too much weight to your overall website performance, it will irritate visitors – making your website look spammy and unprofessional. 

  • Not using a content delivery network (CDN)

How to speed up your slow WordPress site

Here are 10 effective ways to speed up your slow WordPress site. 

Use a quality web hosting service

Hosting is the home and foundation of everything on your website. 

Your site ranking, SEO, and other activities on your website are all connected to your hosting. 

Do you want a fast web or load speed? Then I recommend you dump the cheap web hosting. 

Most cheap web hosting always comes with minimal advantages. A quality web host with HTTP 2 protocol will give your site a premium advantage in performance.

Here are some reliable hosts that will significantly improve website speed and overall performance:





Optimize your images

Images add beauty to your content. They hold the reader’s attention and compel them to read your article.

Researchers also found out that using colorful media makes people 80 percent more likely to read your article. 

Still, images will slow down your WordPress site when they are not optimized.

Before using images in your content or uploading them to your WordPress site, I recommend you optimize them first. 

Optimizing an image can reduce the file size by 5X or more. This means, the images will take less space and your web page will load faster. 

This is a detailed guide on how to optimize your image without losing quality

Remove unnecessary plugins

Too many plugins, especially heavy ones, will slow down your website. 

I recommend you go through your plugins and start deactivating and delete the ones you don’t need or are less useful. 

The fewer heavy plugins you have, the faster your site will load. 

It’s that simple. 

Use excerpts on the homepage and archive pages

The default setting of WordPress displays complete content on archive pages as well as the home page. 

This, in turn, slows down the page and makes your site load slowly. 

Displaying complete articles on the homepage and archive page does not soothe 90% of website visitors. 


It’s because they don’t feel the need to view the other article. 

It will bore or irritate them, reducing your traffic and visitors’ interaction with your WordPress site. 

The simple and easy way to fix this is to set your WordPress site to display excerpts instead of full content on archives or homepage. 

Go to settings in your WordPress dashboard, click on reading, and choose “For each article in a feed, show: Summary” instead of “Full Text.”

Use a premium and speed optimized theme

Your WordPress theme will determine the look of your site.

Using a heavy theme will slow down your WordPress site and cause a delay in the loading time and overall performance. 

Some awesome themes are built for speed and SEO. Although some cost a few dollars while others come free. 

WordPress themes like Astra, GeneratePress, and Neve are super fast WordPress themes you should try out if want a fast website.

Neve has a free version with awesome templates you can choose from. The paid version is great, but the free version is perfect for those who can’t afford the paid version. 

Neve is super fast as well and will load your site in 2 to 3 seconds or less, depending on how skillful you are at optimizing your site performance – especially images. 

Minimize Ads on the web page

Monetization is great. It feels awesome to be making money from your site. 

Still, monetization can cause a major lag in your WordPress site performance. 

Aside from making your website look like an ad farm, your lagging website will irritate visitors, and they’ll bounce off.

This means you’ll lose traffic if you kill your web page with display ads. 

To fix your WordPress site loading slowly, minimize the number of ads you put up on your site.

Integrate a caching plugin

One of the best ways to improve your WordPress site speed is by integrating a caching plugin. 

Caching builds and prepares your website pages beforehand. All the processes on the server are done before visitors even request them. 

WP rocket has been serving millions of bloggers – both newbies and veterans. You can easily set it up, and squeeze the most juice out of it with this guide.

You can opt for W3 Total cache if you can afford a paid plugin. It’s free. Still, it requires technical knowledge for proper configuration. 

Use a content delivery network (CDN)

Using a CDN for your website is like adding a nitro booster to your sports car. 


An excellent CDN to integrate is Cloudflare. Cloudflare is a content delivery network and website acceleration service. 

Many hosting has Cloudflare built-in within the Cpanel. If you have it, then turn on the functionality to boost your site speed. 

Split long posts into pages

Yeah! Those long posts drive traffic and boost conversion. Research also shows that visitors love long posts because they are usually more in-depth. 

Still, those super long posts can slow down your WordPress site and cause delays in the loading speed. 

Longer posts usually use more images, and this may, in turn, hurt your loading time. 

A brilliant way to solve this is by breaking those long posts into pages. This way, your server processes faster and boosts your loading time when serving pages to visitors. 

WordPress has built-in features to do this. Simply add the <!––nextpage––> tag in your post, where you want the page to split onto the next page. 

Use lazy loading

If you have lots of images and videos embedded in your content, an excellent way to boost your site speed is by using lady loading. 

Lazy loading replaces images and videos with placeholder images instead of serving visitors all at once. 

Then, as users scroll down the pages, images and videos are served. 

This is one of the most effective ways of stopping your site from loading slowly and boost the overall performance. 

If you have the wp rocket plugin activated, you can turn on the lazy loading feature in the tool.

Final thought on Why your WordPress site is loading slowly? And 10 Easy ways to boost your site speed

A slow website is not ideal for a serious blogger. This is why I have provided reasons why your website is slow and how to fix it. 

I’d gladly answer your questions in the comment box below. I’m waiting. 

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